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Our evaluation related training and technical assistance services help you "self‑evaluate." We work directly with your organization to survey its needs and educate your staff members accordingly, training you to utilize data effectively and efficiently. Read below for an example of our training services.

Client Solution: Statewide training on evaluation

Services Provided: EVALCORP first developed and administered a user needs assessment survey to inform the initiative, identifying existing levels of experience and determining training needs. Data collected through the assessment process were used to inform the content and delivery of the training. EVALCORP co-facilitated the training at multiple sites statewide and provided ongoing technical assistance to ensure valid and accurate data entry. Additionally, EVALCORP conducted a follow-up evaluative survey to assess the implementation of the new data capture system and to maximize its usefulness.

Results/Value Added: As a result of the success of the pilot project, the state agency received funding to develop and implement an enhanced version of the treatment outcomes evaluation data collection system for five additional years.