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Our strategic planning solutions complement our evaluation services by providing you with a blueprint for an effective initiative that has an evaluation framework built-in from the beginning. We offer needs analysis, resource and capacity identification, implementation/strategy development, and evaluation metrics and methods. Read below for an example of our strategic planning services.

Client Solution: Multi-year strategic plan development

Services Provided: EVALCORP facilitated a strategic planning process using a step-by-step approach based on a data-driven assessment of existing needs and resources, followed by a series of structured meetings designed to determine priorities and intended outcomes. In addition to writing the strategic plan, EVALCORP developed a corresponding evaluation strategy to track progress toward the accomplishment of the agency’s goals.

Results/Value Added: EVALCORP successfully facilitated the strategic planning process and delivered a multi-year strategic plan. County staff reported consistently that EVALCORP helped to simplify and streamline their process for more effective service delivery. As a result of the successful initial strategic planning process, EVALCORP was retained to provide ongoing consultation and technical assistance relative to the implementation of the strategic plan and to conduct an evaluation of the agency’s overall impact.