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Our customized outcome evaluation services measure the changes your organization makes in your target community to document your impact. We offer pre-evaluation planning, logic model development, and measurement strategy design through a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Read below for an example of our outcome evaluation services.

Client Solution: Documenting program impact for an international
nonprofit organization

Services Provided: EVALCORP designed an evaluation plan and developed and administered an online evaluation tool to gather feedback from program participants in 60 countries around the globe. Five key outcome indicators were collected: perceived satisfaction; information and skills learned; influence of the program on participants’ decisions; motivating factors for ongoing program participation; and recommendations for improvement. In less than three weeks, EVALCORP completed the evaluation and prepared a succinct yet comprehensive report for presentation to the program’s funder.

Results/Value Added: As a result of the evaluation, the client organization was able to successfully deliver evidence to their corporate sponsor that their initiative served not only as a highly valuable learning experience for participants, but also that it contributed to their overall personal development. Following a successful meeting with their funder to review the evaluation report, the client organization contracted with EVALCORP to develop additional reports for delivery at their annual conference. The program continues to receive funding in excess of $1M each year.