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We offer a range of assessment related services, from brief online surveys designed to inform a project to large-scale needs analyses. Our assessment services may be used to develop and implement new policies, determine priorities, or attract new funding. Read below for an example of our needs assessment services.

Client Solution: Assessing community needs

Services Provided: EVALCORP designed and implemented a comprehensive multi-method needs assessment study on student alcohol use at a large university. Data were gathered from students, faculty, staff, and senior administrators. An inventory of data on student alcohol use, related consequences, and existing and needed services was developed. Multiple forums and focus groups were held with school personnel and students to review findings from the assessment process.

Results/Value Added: As a result of the study, new policies were developed and implemented on campus. Within two years of the assessment, student alcohol related problems declined significantly. The university utilized findings from the needs assessment report to attract new funding and, ultimately, increase campus safety. The university continues to monitor student alcohol use based on the assessment methods and tools developed by EVALCORP.