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and Evaluation

Measuring What Matters

Our customized fiscal assessment and evaluation services measure the financial impact of service delivery on individuals and evaluate overall outcomes within the community for non-profits and government social agencies. As part of this, our team designs a fiscal assessment and evaluation strategy best suited to the current and emerging needs of our clients’ initiatives. These examples may include ROI studies, cost effectiveness assessments, and cost benefit analyses.

Client Solution: Assisting county decision makers in determining cost effectiveness of mental health programs countywide.

Services Provided: After developing an algorithm useful for evaluating the fiscal impact of mental health program service delivery on clients, EVALCORP implemented a multi-pronged quantitative and qualitative cost effectiveness initiative. The overall study involved a review of best practices, administrative data analysis, determination of appropriate metrics and links to costs, and use of higher order statistical software to assess cost effectiveness at the program level and across the county’s mental health system.

Results/Value Added: EVALCORP presented findings from the cost effectiveness analysis to multiple stakeholder groups including county personnel, the Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB), and Executive Managers. The report developed by EVALCORP was used for determining areas for quality improvement within programs and service delivery as well as development of a strategic plan moving forward to insure optimal use of funds for programs producing key outcomes in individuals lives.