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Partnering for Results
For each consulting engagement, we follow the EVALCORP Project Cycle™
to assess where our clients are, where they want to go, and how we can help them get there.EVALCORP Project Cycle

This process helps us work in partnership with our clients to:
identify current needs;
gather and deliver information to inform strategies; and
measure and document impact.

Our mission is to provide organizations with data-driven services resulting in maximally useful information for enhanced project planning, implementation, and outcomes. Our core values are excellence, integrity, and the provision of outstanding client service.

Utilization-Focused Methods
Our services are utilization-focused, meaning that we first find out how you intend to use the information needed (e.g., make decisions, improve program operations, facilitate the achievement of outcomes) before we design or implement data collection strategies.

Depending on our clients' needs, we design surveys in both electronic data capture and scanable forms, lead focus groups, conduct trend analyses, prepare literature reviews, and guide key individual interviews. Once all of the "right" data are collected, EVALCORP packages evaluation and planning data into useful products (e.g., EvalBriefs, DataBriefs, and/or other customized reports and presentations).